Nine Months

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Warning: At this point in my life I am *not* interested in having kids so please don’t flip out if you think I am a deviant for thinking this. This is humor writing as well as a review.

Saw Nine Months last night–it shows all sides of the parenting/not parenting issue and I definitely still don’t want them! Yowza. I might feel differently if I were having Hugh Grant’s kid, but I can only picture all the noise and pain and inconvenience and expense and the smell and how your life kind of vanishes and the kids (like I did, ha ha) mooch off you for 18-28 years and diapers and braces and the Scouts and driving lessons and keeping condoms around the house and MTV. I want to marry and live in love always. But it still was a cute movie, don’t get me wrong, and I’m glad people in general still want to have kids. She looks dreamily off at a boy playing in the sand and my mind (and the minds of the other women with me) screamed “That’s not what I am thinking!!!!” but I can still admire that the kid looked cute playing in the sand. Doesn’t mean I want one, but I like to watch. Like adventure movies, I don’t want to hang off a helicopter shooting at bad guys, but I like to watch! I give it an 8 because it was genuinely funny, and Hugh Grant, scandal or no, is just too precious for words.

MPAA Rating PG-13
Release date 1995
Time in minutes 103
Director Chris Columbus
Studio 20th Century Fox