Addicted to Love

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Addicted to Love is an offbeat romantic comedy about revenge, voyeurism, the nature of love, and what makes one feel complete. Maggie (Meg Ryan) is an off-putting loony you can’t help but like, and Sam (Matthew Broderick) is a guy who, post-dump, wants to regain what he thinks he’s lost. Their interaction throughout the movie, while interesting in and of itself, wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans without their exes – played by Kelly Preston and Tchéky Karyo.

While having their former lovers under surveillance, Sam & Maggie interact deeply and honestly yet ignore their actual camaraderie for the false but fascinating one they create with their exes.

The movie is filled with really innovative shots and use of light, both in the actual making of the movie and within the plot. I don’t want to give anything away, but the shot with the paint roller is my favorite in a long time.

Pre-release press has stirred low expectations for this movie and I truly hope everyone ignores it. The situations may be unusual, but all the characters behave and react with utter loyalty to the internal logic of the world freshman director Griffin Dunne has created.

It’s funny and engaging, full of genuine honesty cleverly edited into a satisfying tale. There are so many oportunities for this movie to make the wrong choices and I was overjoyed that those pitfalls were avoided.

The audience seemed delighted, but not in that soft-focus warm fuzzy delight, but by the sheer pleasure of watching an interesting story unfold. In this summer filled with gorgeous vapidity (as all summers tend to be), Addicted to Love will leave you sated.

MPAA Rating R for sexual content.
Release date 5/27/97
Time in minutes 100
Director Griffin Dunne
Studio Warner Bros.