Jurassic Park: The Lost World

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Full Price Feature (if you’re on crack)

Stephen Spielberg. Dinosaurs. Sequel to $300 million+ audience favorite. What more do you need? An engraved invitation? Yes, granted, the Lost World book was a hack job obviously designed to be a sequel that denied much of the prequel.

The book is silly and atrocious (but, to my amusement, extremely easy to visualize – I mean, including cuts and fades!): the movie has one scene in common with the book. This is a good thing. It is more violent than past Spielberg outings, even surprisingly so. Less technobabble – all that was covered in the first flick, it is assumed you know it already for this one.

It’s got everything: great visual gags and monster movie homages, witty lines with actual wit, and real nail biter scenes to boot! Kids with actual personalities, TONS of new dinosaurs, rain, terror, Jeff Goldblum and Vince Vaughn all wet and frightened, Pete Postlethwaite all manly and cunning…the most intense image I walked away with was slowly cracking glass. OH my god.

It’s a total carnival ride! My friend Sam had a bit of a problem in the third act, and upon consideration I will concede that I had to suspend disbelief just a smidge higher than normal, but the payoff is worth it. The CGI effects have matured – I wouldn’t have thought they could improve on what already looked seamless but they did! You can practically feel the dino’s pulse.

The animatronic ones are gorgeous too – I am so happy to be alive in a time when I have to use moviemaking logic, rather than my eyes, to figure out which is the puppet and which is the computer generated one. In Dolby Digital the sound is EVERYWHERE. This movie will not disappoint you. It’s not as smooth and delicious as Jurassic Park, (at least Lost World doesn’t have all those annoying side trips into parenthood issues) but it is an utterly worthy sequel.

Pay full price and hold on to your socks/prepare to regret the expense! (So, pay Rental with Snacks)

MPAA Rating PG-13
Release date 5/23/97
Time in minutes 134
Director Steven Spielberg
Studio Universal