My Best Friend's Wedding

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Girl is best friends with boy, finds out he’s getting married, realizes she loves boy, tries to steal boy by any means necessary.

As my male readers roll their eyes, “Of course she likes it, it’s a chick flick,” I wish I could quote the men coming out of the packed theatre to prove to you that it is a fully accessible movie for both sexes. This movie is fabulous! And I mean that in the splashy Birdcagey spectacle of it all. I have long been leery of Julia Roberts, but she pulled off the devious yet vulnerable yet smitten role just right. She even does the physical comedy.

Everyone was perfect – they were utterly believable even in their sometimes outrageous behavior. I have actually been to a rehearsal dinner similar to the one in the movie so I can talk! Cameron Diaz is gutsy enough to poke fun at herself and we love her – there is no bad guy/good guy thing and there is no pat predictable throwaway ending. It’s full of genuine, honest emotion from start to finish and I sped to the store to buy the soundtrack.

The opening title sequence sets the stage and you folks out there who think the opening is dumb, well I pity you and your inability to feel the joy that I was feeling. A line from the preview was shuffled around in a scene but ultimately cut because the riotous laughter prevented its ever being heard.

Rupert Everett, as Julia Roberts’ friend and editor is a prize! He breathes life into scenes that would otherwise have been clumsy and awkward. I have read some bad press on Dermot Mulroney, and maybe you have to have a taste for Demot Mulroney’s character’s type of relating to other people, but I found him utterly apt. Just go see it right now!

MPAA Rating PG-13
Release date 6/23/1997
Time in minutes 105
Director P. J. Hogan
Studio Tri-Star