Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta Hands-On

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Call of Duty 4 Beta
If you’re curious to know if the work at Infinity Ward is paying off and looks to be on target for the November 5th release date, let us put your mind at ease. This title is going to rock your boat.

The Multiplayer Beta in its current form seems to have an issue the first time when loaded. When clicking “Find Game” in the navigation screen, a poorly designed screen appears stating “Downloading Game Settings”. This is only corrected by clearing your consoles cache from the hard drive.

Once we managed to clear the cache, we reloaded the game and were in a match in no time. The first thing we noticed is that the Beta is very quick with loading mechanisms and allows you to hop into any joinable room at anytime of a match. This is a huge one-up on the current shooters like Rainbow Six: Vegas and GRAW 2. We hope this function will remain in the final release.

In the match, the quality of design is breathtaking. The foliage & textures in the three included maps are very detailed and interact with the conditions of the environment perfectly. When we threw a smoke grenade an embellished, very realistic fluffy cloud of smoke appeared that made our jaws drop in awe.

CD4 In Match
When using a sniper rifle we found it was very difficult to hit our opponent from a distance without some genuine skill. While looking through the scope, the environment gets extra crisp and resembles a live photograph.

The gameplay is very smooth, the sprite tracking is incredible, and the bullets are very quick (not all that accurate though). One nifty feature is the ability for the bullets to penetrate the walls when using an assault rifle. This helps eliminate those pesky squatters. Those who like running around dodging bullets at close range will have some difficulty, since there are now various “perks” each character can enable to prevent such rampages.

Speaking of perks, this game is loaded with them. In between matches you are given the ability to modify your gear and create custom save sets called “classes”. In each class you get a primary weapon, secondary weapon, special grenade, and 3 perks. One perk that users will come to have a love/hate relationship with is the “Last Stand” perk. This perk allows a player who is essentially wounded beyond all repair get in a couple shots with their pistol before bleeding out. This is very frustrating when you had an upper hand on a player and is a great pawning tool when you want revenge on someone else. The good news is head shots eliminate this perk from ever occurring, which adds a needed balance.

CD4 Create Class
Overall we recommend checking out Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta when it becomes available in stores, as it promises the best in gaming. This is one of very few Xbox 360 titles that may actually deserves the $59.99 price tag that comes with it. Call of Duty 4 is scheduled for release on November 5th.