Console Crazy or Flash Fanatic?

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I hold no illusions to the fact that I am a casual gamer. While I have spent time behind the wheel of many an MMORPG, I have no desire to have two jobs. I own two consoles (Wii and PS3 for those keeping score), and lack a third because I refuse to pay a monthly access fee on something I will not use that often.  That last point may gain the ire of 2/5 of you (estimates on overall console ownership, not a proven number, but what fan-boy cares about facts anyhow?).  Tough.  Where was I…

The debate is on consoles versus browser-based (99% Flash, for the sake of this article) games. Read more after the break.

Being a casual gamer, one may think that would instantly turn me toward the browser-based genre.  That point may be half right, as I do favor sites like and, but that is not the only reason.  I do love console games… the Soul Calibur IV, Little Big Planet, F.E.A.R. and Assassins Creed come to mind for recent titles.  The graphics, physics, occasional story, and overall crispness are something rare to find in a Flash game.  Along with the superior aspects that only a higher powered engine can bring, consoles offer other added benefits by way of media, networked play, and neat controllers.

I can come home from a hard day of work, sit on my couch in front of my big-screen, and play to my heart’s content.  That is where the love affair ends.  Some days I want a quickie, to sit in my chair and have two or three minutes of mindless enjoyment.  Some days I don’t even make it home, or have to stick around the office late waiting on something compiling.  What then?  Well, my mistress awaits.  Literally thousands of games are at my beck and call.  I can choose to spend a minute, an hour, or several spread out over a number of days.  There are no judgments, no money changing hands, and no lines to wait in overnight for a new fix.

Maybe I’m not dedicated… true.  Maybe I am prone to stray from those titles that over promise and under deliver.  Eventually I’ll stop buying them altogether.  While the web-genre is still new into the 3D realm, it is growing.  Flash 10 promises leaps into 3D that will leave previous generations in the 2D-ust.  Only time will tell; don’t sell off your console just yet…

I can’t say for sure why everyone else may be in love with these little Flash bytes.  As for me, let me have my guilty pleasures… at least I don’t need to sell off a kidney to keep well stocked with entertainment.