Live Action Wonder Woman Movie Role

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So apparently there are talks of a new DC movie coming out about the Amazon princess herself, Wonder Woman.

But, can you guess as to who’s in talks of playing the role of Wonder Woman?

Answer after the break.

Believe it or not… BEYONCE… *insert eye roll here*… is in talks of playing of Wonder Woman…

I’m sorry… (going to go into geek mode here) I don’t want to play the race card… but Wonder Woman is not black… she’s white.  Don’t believe me?  Pick up ANY comic book or watch ANY cartoon featuring Wonder Woman.

It’s not like how Nick Fury was white in the Marvel Universe, but then in other Marvel affectations drawn to be African American (following the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson).

But that’s fine.  Cause it was in the COMICS.

The comics are already a great script in itself.  Follow the comic… you can’t go wrong there.

But let’s face it.  I have a feeling it’s going to bomb anyways just like the other comic book heroine movies out there.  (Elektra and Catwoman anyone? Or even that tv show flop: Birds of Prey? What the hell is that you ask? Exactly…)

So hey… why not have Megan Fox do it?  Sure she can’t act for shit (IMO).  But she looks good on screen and would look even better in a Wonder Woman attire. Va Va VOOM!