Windows 7 shipping in September?

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I’ve been testing Microsoft Windows 7 Beta for the last few months.  It’s pretty solid. Just got news today that PC contractor Compal (Acer, HP, etc…) will be building systems with Windows 7 and shipping in September.

“According to current planning, it should be late September or early October,” said Ray Chen, president of Taipei-based Compal Electronics Inc. the maker of laptop personal computers for Hewlett-Packard Co. and Acer Inc.

Back in April 2008 Bill gates said that they would have a new operating system ready in a year.  I’m actually really confident in this because I feel that this OS is solid with just minor bugs which are being ironed out as you read this.  Microsoft dominates 90% of the market but has been losing points in the last couple of years to Mac. They need this operating system to come out now. Yes technically it’s supposed to be released 3 years after Vista was launched but what can you do when you have something a lot better sitting on a shelf?