PixelatedLIVE – World of Warcraft Day – March 18 – 7:30pm PST

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Come join us on March 18th, Wednesday night at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time.  We’ll be streaming live as we usually at that day and time but have a different theme.  The whole show will be dedicated to World of Warcraft.  The most popular MMORPG in the world.  During the show, we’ll be talking with 3 guests from the WoW community that are of 3 different skill levels:

We’ll be looking through the eyes of these players to see how they play WoW and how they balance it with thier real lives. Then, we’ll be introducing 2 new websites, the first is aimed to help WoW players find/recruit guild members (WoW Head Hunter) and the second is a webpage designed to pull all the popular Warcraft news feeds into 1 easy homepage.

In addition to all this, we’ll be doing a LIVE Trivia contest.  Just like a morning radio show, we’ll have viewers call in, using Skype, to compete against other viewers to win some prizes that we are giving away.  What are the prizes? Glad you asked!

  • (2) World of Warcraft Timecard Codes
  • (1) WoW: WotLK Standard Edition game
  • (1) Cardboard Standup Life-Sized Arthas

So come join us for the fun and prizes.  Tell a friend. Tell your guild.  Tell your whole realm! It’s gonna be awesome!

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