Watchmen opening credits [Video]

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Update 2: scroll down. we found another source.

Update: We have received an email from Noah K. of yu+co:

“Please remove the Watchmen titles from your site. It has copyright laws protecting it. I am asking nicely. The site has ben flagged and the next person will not be as friendly.

Please remove to protect yourself. Thank you.”

*Free speech time*

Noah, I genuinely thank you and yu+co for your willingness to share this artwork with the world. However, I’m thoroughly upset with Hollywood’s actions. Just on the basis of curiosity – will removing the video “protect” myself from one of those mean and scary MPAA lawyers? While I’m willing to cooperate with your request, I’m failing to understand the intentions of Hollywood’s top executives: is it one of their main objectives to prevent their work from having an online viral effect? Does that mean they don’t want more visibility, and further, a larger fan base?

The video montage was a work of art. Viewers of this web site were appreciating what your company did, they were not stealing it. It was a simple, unique and all-around awesome sequence. I mean, come on, Hollywood. This is why I think they’re being, well, silly:

(1) They’re putting an unexplainable amount of time and effort…

(2) to threateningly take down this particular video…

(3) from every web site and blog…


(5) The sad news is that it simply will not stop people from finding it.

The MPAA can huff and puff, but they will never blow the Internet down – nobody’s scared of the big, bad wolf anymore.

By the time they’re (close to) taking down all sources of this amazing video art piece, the DVD for Watchmen will already be out. And people who would have originally seen merely the opening credits would have already (surprise!) found the movie’s torrent.

The Internet cannot be stopped. Hollywood – GL HF, and…


“Anyway… to respect copyright and uY+co, (and Noah K at uY+co) I am not hosting this on my site.

Out of respect to the incredible Watchmen movie, I am just pointing to another place that does host it. Just like Google and all the other search engines do.”


To me, this was a very unique opening sequence.  The opening, made by Yu+Co, had a very old comic book feel to it with subtle movements and cg effects. The company was nice enough to post it on their website for the whole web to see. The company has also done big film credit sequences for films like 300, Enchanted, and The Italian Job. Every piece of work they have done was done in good taste and great creativity.  The idea for The Watchmen’s opening credit sequence seems very much like those old Gatorade commercials.