Yaya Han Cosplays as the Hottest Christie from Dead or Alive 4

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UPDATE: On May 13th, Yaya Han will be our LIVE guest on PixelatedLIVE. Click here for more information.


HOT DAMN. I would like to take this moment to say that the #1 cosplay girl on my Top 10 cosplayers should now be number 2.  Because #7 has taken her place as Christie from Dead or Alive 4.  I really don’t think video game related cosplay could get any hotter than this.  But, I wouldn’t mind if it did. For more info on Yaya Han, read her newly published interview at GotGame.com.

Reference Shots
christie-ref christie-ref2 christie-ref3

Yaya as Christie
christie2 christie3 christie4 christie7 christie8 christie9 christie10 christie12

Yaya fighting
christieayane christieayane2 christieayane3 christieayane4 christieayane7