Bullet Proof Bra

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A new category for defensive clothing

A new category for defensive clothing

Bullet ¬†proof bra, now that’s not something I thought I would type but the BBC is reporting that a 57 old woman from Detroit was saved by her bra from getting shot. The underwire deflected the bullet shot at her by a teenage gang who were breaking into the house next door and saw her through the window. The victim sustained injuries but was saved from serious injury through luck and a strong underwire.

Sgt Eren Stephens Bell told the Detroit News:

“We need to get some bulletproof vests made from that. It is some strong wire.”

The woman is said to recovering well from her ordeal. For the rest of us, maybe we should all start wearing underwired bras? I know people with moobs could sure use them!

Hit the read link for a video of a new report into the incident

[Via BBC]