Peggle Pegs its Way into World of Warcraft

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Some time ago, PopCap released a Bejeweled add-on for World of Warcraft, allowing users to play the addictive puzzle game in between raids and quests. A welcome addition, many wondered if Peggle would ever be making its way into Azeroth. Well, the wait is over as PopCap has finally released a Peggle add-on for WoW. In addition to simply playing the game within World of Warcraft, the folks down at PopCap have added a few additions to further integrate the Peggle experience into WoW, such as giving players the ability to activate the Peggle loot system, which can be used as Master Looter, allowing friends and guild members that have the add-on take Peggle shots to decide which player gets loot drops.

The add-on is currently available for free from PopCap’s website so Peggle fans in Azeroth should have nothing stopping them from enjoying the Peggle/WoW experience.