Geek Counseling: No Job and Still Living with Dad

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Dear Jamie,

I’m 25, broke, no F/T job, and still livin’ with pops. I hate it as much as he does, but my work history sucks, so I keep trying every single area employers site, along with the usual job mega sites. I go to various places for career counseling, but my degree semi-blows, and what I need to know is should I go back to school for an IT-related Masters, another, probably easier, Masters, continue to find a job where I live, or move?

Needing A New Life

P.S. Not like you never get this, but, the over/under is .5% chance with you after me listing all that. How close are those odds?

Dear Needing A New Life,

As a very quick and fast response, I’d suggest going back to school. I know it sucks (fucking sucks), but education is always a good investment. Also, in regards to your PS, lots of chicks are after guys with fancy jobs and flashy clothes, but some girls just want a guy with a good sense of humor. And a huge cock, too, I guess.

Here’s what it seems like the root of the problem is, Needing A New Life: you can’t find a job. I’m sure that you’re already fully aware of this. Seeing as how you visit our web site, I’m very much convinced that you are an amazing person. But do you think that you boast a sufficient amount of confidence during your interviews? Can you convince them that you are fit for the job? Do you yourself think that you are fit for the job? Now ask yourself this: if YOU don’t think you can do the job, who else will?

Getting a higher education will help both you and employers gain more confidence in your skills. Education is always a good investment – you can never stop learning. However, going to school might mean that you have to live with daddy for a few more years. To help pay tuition, you can get a part-time job (perhaps in services) or apply for financial aid or grants. And once you have that degree in yours hands, it will be much easier to (1) get a F/T job, (2) stop being broke, (3) move out of dad’s house, and (4) score with the ladies.

Good luck, Geek.

Have a question you’d like to ask? Ask away. All submissions will remain anonymous.

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