Google Wave announced at I/O

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Messaging in the browser with a twist

Messaging in the browser with a twist

Google said they had something large to announce and they delivered with something that might change the way we interact via IM right in the browser.

There’s a 1hour 20 minute video at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in the announcement, however if you’re just after the goods I’ll try to summerise it for you here:

  • From Lars and Yen Rasmussen the guys behind Google Maps
  • Early building based on HTML5 which means we’re not going to be seeing it for a while
  • Live chat where text is transmitted in real-time (not at the end of each message)
  • Draft (aka standard IM) mode can be used
  • Drag and drop support for instant transfers and simultaneous collaboration on documents (live concurrent editing)
  • Real time translation – don’t know how well this is going to work but it’ll be interesting to see in action in real world situations.
  • Playback of Waves to allow for watching the evolution of a conversation or documents
  • Coming to Android and iPhone as well as desktop
  • Open protocol which will mean that you’ll likely see additions and clients if this takes off.
  • A sandbox build is/will be available to attendees of I/O

It’s an interesting concept. I’m not sure I’m so hot on the instant live type transfer as I make quite a lot of mistakes when typing but for those of us who type really slowly and with long messages I think having them show up live would be a real boon.

Hit the read link for the video of theĀ unveiling.