How to create your own TF2 Idle server

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It seems that Valve released a patch over night. What did they fix? The Ambassador and Dead Ringer:

  • The Ambassador now does full critical hits on headshots, instead of mini crits
  • The Dead Ringer now fully drains the cloak meter, even if the Spy leaves cloak early

It does not look like they did anything to stop people who leave their computers on idle while at work, sleeping or doing something else.  So, before they patch it, here is a guide from on how to start your very own idle server while you’re away.

1. First you have to download this map:

No reason at all why you can’t use any other map but this map kills you so it seems like you’re actually doing something. Coupled with long respawn times you should only be killed once per hour.

2. Next you start your game. Normally when you start a listen server it will be lan so open up console with the ` or ~ key (if you don’t have console you have to enable it from controls) and type in:

sv_lan 0

This will make it so that it is a internet server and not valve. In your console it should say connected to master server. Next type in:

sv_pure 1

This makes it so that it will be VAC secured on the next map change. Next type in:

map achievement_idle

This is for the server to change map so it will be VAC secured. Important step! You must do this after sv_lan 0 and sv_pure 1 is typed in.

3. After you’ve done all these you need to type a few commands in console to prevent people from being booted and map changes. These are required commands:

mp_timelimit 0

This is so that there is no time limit and the map will not change.

mp_idledealmethod 0

This ensures that it doesn’t boot people out of the game. Some people usually get it defaulted to 2 which boots people if they are idle.

After those 2 commands are in all you have to do is AFK for a few hours and enjoy your free unlocks when you come back!

Here are some random commands you can do to make your AFK time easier.

mp_respawnwavetime 3600.0

This makes the respawn time 1 hour so if you are AFK 24 hours, you will only have 24 deaths.

sv_password fpftw

This is to set a password to the server. If you wish to change it or set one during the game. Obviously you can change fpftw to whatever you want for a password.

sv_pure_kick_clients 0

This is if your game is kicking people because they have skins etc.

mp_winlimit 0

Another command to make sure it doesn’t change level (the map can’t be won so it should be that way anyway).

sv_cheats 0

Just to make sure cheats is off so you can earn unlocks. You can’t earn unlocks without VAC secured and with cheats on.