Another reason to Jailbreak – GV Mobile

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IMG_0237So as well all know, Apple squashed the official Google voice app for the iPhone and removed GV Mobile, a 3rd party GV app from the App Store, probably due to pressure from the networks (here’s looking at you AT&T). Google said that they’ll look into creating a web app similar to the also blocked Google Latitude, Sean Kovacs however, the developer of GV Mobile, decided to jump ship and go around Apple to release GV Mobile for free on Cydia. Now available to all with a jailbroken iPhone, the app behaves identically to the App Store app and Sean has indicated that he’s going to continue to develop the app for Cydia.

So people who are sitting on the fence, another reason to jailbreak and pretty much due to the networks and not Apple. Thanks AT&T, you let us have it if you’re on a blackberry, Android handset or pretty much any other smartphone but you just hate your iPhone users enough to stop them.