Comic-Con – Day 2 – The Guild – Music Video (Preview) [Update]

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So you all have heard about the news about the hit web series, The Guild by now. Well here is one of their secrets. I know I’m not allowed to show you the whole video online, but I wanted to give you guys at least a 1 minute of this master piece that will be coming to XBOX Live and MSN Video 2 weeks from now. Go past the break for the preview and enjoy =).

<video taken down>

If putting a 1 minute preview of the music video online is against the rules, someone tell me and I’ll take it down. But seriously, you guys gotta download this video once it comes out. Also, check out the new season of The Guild on August 25.

Update: Felicia personally told me to take down the preview.  Fair Enough.  It’ll be out everywhere on August 17th.  But if you want it earlier than that, go to this post for more info.