Fanfiction Corner Vol. 1 (Introduction and crash course)

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Hey guys, I’ll think of a better name for the fanfiction stuff as we go along in the next couple of weeks.

Just a look ahead, this is a column started here on PG to explore the world of fanfiction, which has become just apart of anime and media in general as advertising, merchandise, or anything else. As long as there are fans for shows, movies, games, or any media, there will always be a possibility for fan fiction. This cannot be more true with the internet, which has spread the world of fan fiction to everyone who has at least a decent computer and internet connection and a favorite series.

I am a writer of fan fiction myself, although I haven’t done so in quite a while. So as the weeks go on, you will probably see some of my older work from different series as well as what I feel to be quality fan fiction out there. Now I don’t claim to be a great writer, it is amateur writing after all, but we will both see some unknown talent out there, I’m sure of it. For now, I’ll give people out there a short introduction into the world of fan fiction.

Now, there are fan fiction for everything you can think of. Think of anything that has been remotely popular in the past few years, few decades even. There has been some sort of “alternate universe” or “side story” written about the series and posted on the internet somewhere, I guarantee it. The world of fan fiction has been around for who knows how long, and it spreads faster than ever because of the internet. One of the most popular forms of fan fiction, which is also how I got into it, is anime fan fiction. Anime fan fiction will usually be the focus of what I will write about, and is, I think, one of the easier genres of fan fiction to get into. But don’t get me wrong, there is some amazing fan fiction for games, TV shows, books, etc. And some of them may pop up here as well. But for now, we shall look at anime fan fiction….

Breaking into fan fiction is a great way to start fiction writing. Imagine being a fan fiction writer (if you never have written fan fiction): you have a set universe you can use…or not. You have characters that are already predetermined from the series. Character development is already pretty much done through the anime already. And if you are to create your own characters, you can base the foils of your characters on the characters from the anime. When I first started writing, I saw it as a template. And it was up to the writer to place those beloved characters in any situation you wanted. Want a character to die? Kill them off. Want a character to fall in love with another? Put those characters in any awkward situation you wanted so that they do fall in love in whatever way you see fit. Hated the ending of your favorite anime? Then change it. It is a great world for the fandom, and it usually is interesting to see how the worlds of anime are improved…or twisted, depending on your stance.

For example, one of my favorite anime growing up was Digimon. Digimon was also my inspiration to start writing. Most people remember the first two series, maybe even the third. Anyway, the ending of Season 2 wasn’t the most favorable ending for fans of the show. It gave too much “closure,” showing Tai and company as adults, keeping their Digimon after the threats were gone. People hated it. I remember being apart of forums and reading argument after argument over how it wasn’t that great of an ending. I agree, but besides the point, I theorize that the reason the ending wasn’t well received was that there wasn’t any room for the fandom to take over. In contrast, the ending of Season 3 (Tamers) left a huge gaping hole for the fandom to explore. Despite all the Digimon leaving their Tamers, the watcher is left with a sense of optimism, hearing the off-stage voice of Guilmon (the main character’s Digimon) and the very ecstatic face of one Takato (main character). This means one thing: the universe continues on to unknown worlds, possibilities, etc. through those who wrote fan fiction.

Besides my rant of my childhood anime, the world of fan fiction for all different series satisfies many fans out there. Where their once beloved shows have come to an end, fan fiction picks up where it was left off. And the great aspect of fan fiction is that if you don’t like one story one person wrote, there are a million others out there to explore.

Now I will put out a fair warning out there that a lot of fan fiction is violent, gory, disturbing, overly sexual, etc etc etc. And that’s the nature of the beast. However, some of these adult-oriented fan fiction are rather good. Some have amazingly deep plots, themes, and character development. Therefore, fan fiction writers (and some readers) often walk a fine line of being a social outcast and brilliant writer. Or they’re just obsessed with series. Who really knows? But there is one thing for sure: it makes for some great writing sometimes.

That’s all I have to say about fan fiction for right now. Look forward to it, and for those who part of the fan fiction world, keep writing and keep reading.