Review: Futura Gamer's Desk from LapWorks

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-Have you been to LAN parties where there wasn’t enough table/counter space to go around?
-Would you like to game on your laptop while sitting on the couch, but you don’t because it affects your performance?
-Do you use a phone book to get your laptop at the proper eye level and wish you had something better to work with?


Well the people at LapWorks developed several “LapDesks” (Desks that sit on your lap) that can be used in these situations.

I’m a gamer and work with a laptop on a daily basis. So I was thrilled back in July when I received one of these “LapDesks”.  Now that I’ve used it for several weeks, I can tell you all about it!

Futura Gamer's Desk

Futura Gamer's Desk


The LapDesk I tried out is called the Futura Gamer’s Desk (with Regular & Max MouzPad). It retails at $54.95 on the LapWorks website.

At first, I thought it was quite expensive for a few pieces of plastic but when I realized what I could do with them I changed my mind

First, it can be used as a portable desk that you can use almost anywhere. You just lay it on your lap and it can be used either to support a laptop or the keyboard and mouse of a desktop. You’ll be comfortably sitting in an ergonomic position and your performance will be as good as if you were sitting at a computer desk. 


For a laptop or the keyboard/mouse of a desktop

For a laptop or the keyboard/mouse of a desktop


Converts into a desk stand

Converts into a desk stand

Its design includes ventilation slots that provide cooling.  So laptop users will be glad to know that their lap will no longer feel like it’s on fire after an hour or two. It even folds up for portability and easy storage. 

On the down side, the plastic used is not super thick. So make sure you don’t leave it laying around where someone could either step or sit on it.

There is another use for this product. It can convert into an ergonomic desk stand with 5 typing angles.  So for those that were using a phone book or something even more “ghetto” to keep their laptop at eye level, you won’t need to do that any longer.

No more worries about carpal tunnel, neck and back issues either if you use it right!


Overall, this product can help you maintain your gaming performance when not at your computer desk, remain comfortable where ever you may be, and avoid carpal tunnel, neck, and back issues. So the $54.95 is quite worth it in the end.

Hopefully this review will help any of you that were contemplating the thought of purchasing this product.

Don’t forget to check LapWorks’ website if you want more information on their products: