Ten Years for Modding Consoles! What Else Will Give You Ten Years?

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A 27-year-old student at CSU Fullerton modded his XBox, PlayStation and Wii consoles. And then got caught. The bad news? If convicted, he could face ten years in prison.

What else has been done to get slapped with ten years?

WHO: Dr. Phil Astin, doctor to Christ Benoit of WWE
CRIME: Illegal distribution of prescription drugs to patients

WHO: Tone Grant, former president of Refco
CRIME: Involvement in a $2.4 billion fraud – huge trading losses from clients

WHO: Genarlow Wilson, 17-year-old
CRIME: Received consensual oral sex from a 15-year-old girl

WHO: David DeJesus from Hoboken, New Jersey
CRIME: Stole $300k worth of roadside construction equipment

WHO: Louis Boie, 22-year-old
CRIME: Assualt and robbery

WHO: Charles “Eddy” Lepp, 56-year-old
CRIME: Grew 20,000 marijuana plants in plain view

WHO: Four college students
CRIME: Violated CAN-SPAM Act, $4.1M operation targeted towards university and college students

WHO: Evans Matan, 36-year-old
CRIME: Smuggled hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to Canada

WHO: Gilbert Haro, 41-year-old
CRIME: Downloaded 2,000 images of child pornography