God of War 3 hands on at the Eurogamer Expo London

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So you’ve heard that the God of War 3 collectors edition is going to steam roll you wallet ($100 for the privaledge) and you’ve noted that the demo will be available on the District 9 Blu-Ray (available 29th December) if you’re not too keen on buying the first two games again on Blu-Ray with the God of War Collection, but what does God of War 3 handle like? Should it have been an FPS? Is it more of the same? Does it deserve your hard earned rent money? Well Pixelated Geek is on hand to find out.


Well as you might expect GOW3 handles a lot like previous instalments in the series but with more interactivity and action. The power behind the PS3 has allowed up to 50 enemies on screen at anyone time and it’s obvious when you get into the think of it. Some of the original combos are there along with several new ones for the non-button mashing types among you.


Graphically the game looks great with really pretty textures throughout. Character models are highly detailed and well animated even when up close and personal. Pretty realistic looking blood also emerges on strike points on both Kratos and his enemies. There’s even more gore when you face up against some of the larger foe with blood and guts pouring out as you finish them off. Most of the cut scenes look fantastic but are in-engine making you feel still in the action. They also include the now pretty common quicktime events making you press buttons at the appropriate time in the cut scene to progress. So they’ll be no napping between fights whilst the cut scene plays through.


The combat itself is also engaging and fluid. Both button bashers and combo players will be happy, as there are times where both are called for. You enemies can be finished off quickly with fast and frantic bashing or you can trigger more gruesome finishing moves. Kratos is even able to pick up his enemies and either use them as a shield, rip off their heads or hurl them at other enemies.


If you liked the previous instalments in the series I have no doubt that you’ll love God of War 3. If you’re a fan of action games I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to like here and if you’re yet to be a PS3 owner, then this might be a system seller for you.

[Photo credits to Ben Smith]