'Tis the Season…for Buying Presents

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It always seems that once Halloween has passed, Christmas decorations immediately start going up. These days, Thanksgiving seems to only serve as a reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. Hell, the day right after good ol’ Turkey Day, people camp out in front of stores, looking to get the best deals for their Christmas purchases. So, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner, what do you by for that geek in your life, hmmm?

ftw_mug$5-10: FTW! Mug (Thinkgeek.com) – $6.99

I don’t think you can get any geekier than a FTW Mug (For the Win for those of you who don’t speak geek). This mug is made of win, and any computer geek would probably be proud to own something like that. I know I will.

Xbox$10-20: Xbox LIVE/Playstation Network/Nintendo Points Cards – $19.99

With more DLC packs and online arcade games available than ever before, gamers need their e-wallets filled with enough currency to purchase the latest and greatest things out there. With games like ‘Splosion Man on Xbox LIVE, Trine on PSN, or several classic Nintendo games on the Wii Shop Channel, gamers need their point cards.

97870551v5_480x480_Front_Color-Black$20-30: Gaming Evolution T-Shirt (Cafepress.com) – $22.00

Forget about Darwin and his theories and forget about Creationism. The truth about evolution is spelled out in this awesome Cafe Press shirt. Who cares about human evolution when Gaming Evolution is just much more interesting?

Littlebigplanet-psp-box$30-40: LittleBigPlanet PSP – $39.99

Little Big Planet is an awesome game. Just like the PS3 version, the PSP spin-off allows users to create their own custom levels and share them with others. And, well, Sackboy is just adorable, so what’s not to love about the game? The PSP owner in your life will probably get a big kick out of it.

Activision$50-??: Activision/Blizzard — Several Million Dollars

Who wouldn’t want to own their own video game company? Many gamers are starting to grow tired of Bobby Kotick and his exploiting of franchises. So what better gift to give a gamer than Activision? That way, they can have the pleasure of firing Bobby Kotick all they want.