WoW Battlecry contest a farce?

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So as I mentioned recently, I participated in and “won” the Battlecry contest hosted by Blizzard’s @Warcraft account on Twitter.  Blizzard hosts at least 3 accounts, @Diablo, @Starcraft and @Warcraft.  Around the date Blizzcon was about to go down, these three accounts started having little twitter contests.  Naming items in Diablo, Starcraft memories and a faction specific Battlecry from Warcraft.  All simple little things, all rewarded some prize.  Or did they?  I know the Starcraft account was giving out Starcraft 2 Beta keys for its contest winners.  You can see all three contests listed, along with their premises on and Blizzard’s own forums, so this isn’t something a few people hallucinated.


from Tzeriel’s Twitter Account

I received a tweet saying I’d won the battlecry contest.  Very excited, I even called some friends to tell them about it.  I followed Blizzard’s instructions on what do do about prizing… And to my honest suprise, its been over 2 months with no response from them.  This isn’t an isolated incident, however, as I’ve found quite a few people who have been having the same issue receiving zero response from the company.  I mean, it isn’t like they never planned on giving prizes away.  Not only did the aforementioned contest rule sets say it, but they even tweeted it.  Upon trying to navigate to the page on thier site that listed the official contest rules, I find it (Rather suspiciously) down and out of commission.


from OutlandishMatt’s Twitter Account

I’ve sent at just under a dozen emails over the past 2 months to the contest’s email address, as well as Blizzard’s general customer service line.  All have been met with silence.  Not even a “Sorry for the delay, we’re working on it” type reply, which would be absolutely fine and dandy to get. So what gives, Blizzard?  In short order you turn into a micro-transaction MMO with farcical contests and terrible customer service.  This is not the company I’ve known for the past 4+ years, and to be honest, it is driving me right away from the game as well as killing my desire to touch future products.

Finding a good MMO is becoming increasingly easy with games like Fallen Earth and Lord of the Rings Online out there, so perhaps you ought to go back to being Old Blizzard before you find yourself losing more than your Chinese playerbase.