Artist of the Week: Rashad Doucet

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Artist of the Week continues with this weeks featured artist Rashad Doucet. Who has been published with companies, like Slave Labor Graphics, Mascot Books, Zuda Comics and 803 Studios. I’ve seen some of his work before at the various Comic Conventions I’ve attended. Here’s a short interview with Rashad. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art.

Artist of the Week: Rashad Doucet

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Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well I’m a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sequential Art Masters program and have been doing freelance artwork for the past few years. I’ve been published with companies, like Slave Labor Graphics, Mascot Books, Zuda Comics and 803 Studios. But what I’m most proud of is my first graphic novella that was distributed through Arctic Wolf Publishing, called My Dog is a Superhero. The book’s an old school Saturday morning inspired tale about a ten year-old afro-puffed diva-to-be, named Ashleigh who finds a cute little blue dog who turns out to be the kid-hero Wolfboy. And much to her chagrin, she ends up helping him catch other evil aliens disguised as pets, like the villainous Kid Squid. The comic came out last year and I’m hard at work on another one. I also just finished up a children’s book called Nadia’s Jewelry Box for HeartHead Publishing which should be out this month. I spend the rest of my time reading comics, playing Murmasa, and co-hosting a podcast for SCAD called Seqa Lab, with the occasional party thrown in for good measure.

I also have an unhealthy love of late 90’s pop music.

What’s been your inspiration for art?

Oh man, alot of things. Which I guess could be boiled down to three categories: mainstream superhero comics, manga/Japanese anime, and American cartoons. Though lately I’ve been getting heavily into French comics and animation, in particular the work of Pierre Alary, Gobi, and Rudolph Guenoden. Other artists that currently rock my brain are Stuart Immonen, Tite Kubo, Inio Asano, Darwyn Cooke, Ryan Ottley and most importantly my close friends: Jason Reeves, Chris and Jonathan Mullins, Jarrett Williams, and Kevin Burkhalter. Being around other good artists is probably the best motivator, that and desire to pay back my student loans.

What supplies do you use for your art?

Plain old typing paper, col-erase blue pencils, and my computer. Photoshop and Manga Studio have changed my life.

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Any Tips and Tricks for art?

Just the classics, draw. Alot. Seriously, like everything around you, the more you study the real world the better you are at exaggerating it in your comics, illustrations, etc.

Any advice for a beginners?

It kind of ties into my last answer, but sketch all the time and don’t fall in love or spend hours on the first couple of drawings you do. I find that young artists are so caught up with perfecting a piece, that they don’t spend enough time planning it out. You’re going to make mistakes regardless so why not spend a good bit of time coming up with solid ideas before deciding to finish a picture. It’s kinda’ like thinking on paper, the more you do, the better the results.

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