Artist of the Week: Xavier Ramonède

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Artist of the Week is back, with this week’s featured artist Xavier Ramonède. While doing another Deviant Art search I happen to find a couple of Xavier’s art pieces. From that point on I’ve been hooked. My personal favorite piece is Red Scarf. Be sure to hit up his website to see more artwork. Below is a small interview with Xavier.

Artist of the Week: Xavier Ramonède
Deviant Art Gallery

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a french animator, character designer and illustrator living in Paris. After having my high school diploma I’ve been to a public school art and then to “Gobelins, l’école de l’image”, a french animation school. Currently I’m working as a character designer for a TV show project in France and beside I’m doing freelance jobs for american clients.

What’s been your inspiration for art?

As an animator, I’m first inspired by american animated movies and tv shows. But I’m mostly interested by 50s designers like Mary Blair or M. Sasek, and of course by today artists inspired by them like Bruce Timm, Shane Prigmore, Bill Presing…

What supplies do you use for your art?

Those last days I mostly use my intuos tablet pen with photoshop, by I work with col-erase and lead pencil too.

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Any advice for beginners?

It’s a very hard question because every artist I know has a different history and learn very different ways. But the only advice everyone is agree is: keep drawing. The best is from different sources, inspiration, from live, from movies, from other artists, from your imagination. You never stop learning so never stop drawing.

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