CES 2010: It Won't Stay in Vegas [Videos]

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Once our second day of CES appointments and browsing has completed we made our way to the Atomic Testing Museum for the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party. I really enjoy geek type parties.  If you have never been to a geek party, imagine a party with free beer, free food, free WiFi, video games, internet celebrities, and a remote controlled flying saucer by Parrot as the main event.

We all had a fun time meeting new people and talking to bloggers like us but sadly we had to leave the event early.  Due to Andrew and James’ legs and feet begging them to go back to the hotel and rest. I still had a good amount of energy, but I didn’t want to be mean, so we left. But not before I got to interview a couple of interesting people.  Watch the videos below to see who we met.

Big thanks to the Parnassus group for allowing us to drink your food, eat your alcohol, and meet other people that have done the same.

Thanks to the following people we met at the party for letting us quickly interview you:

Videos of the interviews past the break

The first video is of Michael Paige interviewing me.  I originally had James turn on the camera just to video tape the atmosphere.  I didn’t think about interviewing anyone. That is until Michael asked if I was doing interviews.  I stuttered a bit, but while I was stuttering he took my mic and said, “how about I interview you.” So, I said sure.

Little did I know that he was the international voice of romance.

This next video has a guy I couldn’t pass up interviewing. This guy was about 14 inches taller than me.

This next short video is mainly just a thank you video.  This PHP Princess some of the most informative tweets when it comes to gadgetry, design, code and other things I care about in my world of geekdom. If you’re a geek, and you should be since you’re on this site, follow her.

Now, the next video has a face that you should know. If you don’t, please get out of under that rock. iJustine is the pretty face of the internet that everyone knows.  Because she was there, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to her.  As you could tell I didn’t know what to ask or have anything much to ask.  I was kind of star struck.

And last but not least is the Parrot AR.Drone.  I really didn’t think much of this thing while at the party.  I really thought, you’ve seen one flying toy, you’ve seen them all.  Well, stupid me didn’t know that this was more than just another helicopter toy made from China.  It’s actually an easy to fly toy with a camera and is controllable with an iPhone/iPod Touch via WiFi. Holy Carp! Check out their site for more details.  It comes out this year. I think I know what I want for my birthday.