CES 2010 – Splitfish

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I remember hearing about Splitfish a while back when they introduced the Frag FX. Essentially combining both Analog and Mouse control to the PS3. It seemed it was geared more towards the FPS Crowd. Flash forward and it’s CES 2010. I got to meet up with Jason Johnson of Splitfish and get a demo of both the SFX Dual Frag Pro and the Dual SFX Evolution. The Demo was presented by Dennis zDD Dozier #1 Global Ranked PS3 C.O.D. Pro-Gamer. After the Demo I got some hands on time with the SFX Dual Frag Pro and got to play some Modern Warefare 2. The Controller was simply amazing, the controls felt really accurate while still keeping that analog console feel.

Video Demo of Dual SFX Evolution after the Break