Artist of the Week: Ethan Nicolle

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Artist of the Week is back with this week’s featured artist: Ethan Nicolle. I first started to hear about Ethan’s work while doing my frequent search on Deviant Art. There was some talk about this WebComic called Axe Cop. I wasn’t familiar with it but was interested in checking it out, almost at that same moment Nelson started to ping me about it to :) Be sure to check out Ethan’s Website along with Axe Cop. Below is a small interview with Ethan.

Artist of the Week: Ethan Nicolle
Axe Cop

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m just a guy who has drawn comics most of his life.  I have always been into black and white indy comics more than mainstream, though I swear I am not hell bent on being punk rock, I just like my black and white comics.  I sort of worked my way up after doing a bunch of forgettable stuff and got a book called Chumble Spuzz with SLG Publishing which was nominated for an Eisner for Best Humor Publication in 2009.  I have a pilot optioned at Cartoon Network and most recently I am known as the guy who draws the web comic Axe Cop, which is written by my 5 year old brother.

What’s been your inspiration for art?

I guess I have just always had an innate love for using my imagination, though there is a discipline side to the actual skill of drawing that is largely faith-based. I know some of my content hasn’t been too holy, but my desire to do the best work I can comes from my belief that I was created with a purpose- and that purpose isn’t necessarily success in the arts, the purpose is to be the best version of myself I can be regardless of what happens… and I’m an artist, that’s what God made me.

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What supplies do you use for your art?

For sketching I usually use Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils on a sketch book.  For most finished work or comic work I do it all totally digital using a Wacom tablet.  I do line drawing in Manga Studio and coloring in photoshop.

Any advice for beginners?

All the excuses you may have been able to hide behind while I was growing up have disappeared.  The internet provides easy access to great artists all over the world who are willing to critique your work, so if you can’t afford art school you still have that, and if you can’t get a publisher you can post a web comic online for free and reach a massive audience – if an audience responds well, you’ll get a publisher, or you can self publish.  The internet has really made the arts a free for all and artists have no excuses, so don’t hide behind them.  …And also don’t cross hatch too much.