Artist of the Week: Yaya Han

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Artist of the Week continues with this week’s featured artist Yaya Han. A recent guest on the Pixelated Podcast, Yaya has been a cosplayer/model for about 10 years. If you’ve ever attended a Convention you’ve probably seen Yaya. Be sure to check out her new website for more Cosplaying fun.

Artist of the Week: Yaya Han
Website | Deviant Art

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Yaya Han and I am a cosplay idol and costume designer currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I have been making costumes and modeling for over 10 years now and am one of the only cosplayers in the world to turn this hobbyist activity into a career. I guess you can say that I’m a household name in the world of geekdom. I travel world-wide to teach workshops and panels on costume making, and to judge contests and host events, not to mention constantly working on new costume projects. I have a lot of fun playing dress up every week but also work hard and never have a day off lol.

What’s been your inspiration for art?

I have a fairly wide range of interest when it comes to costume design and crafting, and get inspiration from music, movies, traditional art, novels, history, photography… whatever has depth and a solid theme.

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What supplies do you use for your art?

The sky is the limit! I’ve used everything from traditional fabrics to plastic, metal, foam, wood, fiberglass, feathers and fur. Truly, when it comes to costume design, the creative process is endless.

Any advice for beginners?

For beginner cosplayers, my biggest advice is to do a lot of research as many techniques are available in tutorial form online, and practice each technique a lot. Be it sewing, sculpting, jewelry making… keep working on each technique and take your time with the project. This is an expensive pass-time to be prepared to save up money for materials.