Min/Maxing for the real world

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Min/Maxing, a concept that we use all the time in video games and Table Top RPGs can be easily brought into real life. Here are some tips and tricks on how we can twink yourself into an unstoppable munchkin.

For the ones in the dark over the terminology I gotcha Boo. Min/Maxing is a character building concept that attempts to minimize your weakness and bolsters your strengths. For example making sure that as the party healer that you are healing very well or often, or as the party tank that you can take the hits and dish them right back. What the party healer doesn’t need to worry about is the damage dealing and the tank doesn’t have to worry about skill checks that don’t involve Athletics or Endurance.

The strengths that are presented or promoted are usually intrinsic to the character Warlords tell people what to do very well, The Medic in TF2 heals people. Simple, right? Now as a gamer obviously if you had a character that was excellent at was very good at sneaking around, dishing out damage, and could disarm traps you would Thief the crap out of it. You wouldn’t go head first into a battle Thieves are squishy and can’t take hits. What would you do? Get better at Sneaking, Stabbing, and Looting. You would play to your strengths, Huh, That sounds familiar.

There are plenty of arguments for the need of a well rounded person, and I support some of them. I think Red Mages are cool. But even Red Mages are very good at some one thing. That is what I want to focus on today.

Everyone has something in themselves that they are intrinsically good at; Everyone is a savant at something. The trick is to promote that and allow it to be something like your main skill. Let it be whatever you are good at Science, Music, whatever. Really get good at it and learn more about it. Limit yourself to one thing; let’s not worry about multi-classing yet. Also, you are more likely to accomplish that one thing instead of Three.

This will work two-fold it will give you confidence of mastery and it will allow you to have a goal and focus. Let me give you an example from a game. Let us look at the Oblivion series, you made a character and s/he has a main trait that they are good which helps decided their class, and what they are good at. A Magic based character will most likely get very good at slinging spells, and spend gold and time learning and getting better at it until they are Archmage. Bangin title right? Confidence and it gave them the goal and focus of attaining. Does that mean they are a One-Trick pony? Heck no. Along the way they got better at a bunch of different things. Not mastery by any means, but component. Other skills will come naturally, focus on what you are good at and strive for the best.

So, Maximize your talents for the best yield possible, and don’t worry on the weaknesses they will come around. Plus, if you are spending all your time worrying about your problems and pratfalls you aren’t getting anything done.

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