Top 5 Sidekicks in Gaming

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Batman has Robin, Sherlock had Watson, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, even Van Wilder had Taj. The point is we all need somebody to lean on. Or blame. So here are my top five sidekicks in gaming in this week’s “The List”.

5) The dog in Fable 2

Man's best friend.....or nightmare. It's a game of choices

Fable 2 is a huge open world game full of choices for our hero, or villain, to make. And weren’t those choices more fun with your trusty dog there? I was a huge fan of the helpful canine, he could sniff out treasure for crying out loud. That’s the most money you’ll make off of a dog that doesn’t have the ability to talk. He made the world seem a little less lonely. A worthy and useful companion for the adventure. Plus he helped out with picking up the ladies.

4) Sully from Uncharted

Every one-liner sprouting everyman needs a straight man to back him up, and nobody does that better than Sully. Delivering tons of classic lines of dialogue he quickly won the hearts of gamers everywhere. Plus he was darn good in a fight. Ever since the days of Goldeneye we have been treated to “allies” in shooters who can’t seem to do anything other than get shot or run into a wall. Sullivan, along with Elana and Chloe, takes out his fare share of enemies. No Natalya “hey wouldn’t it be a great idea to run into all those bullets” Simonova here. Just Sully doing what he does best, chewing a cigar and gunning down fools.

3) Tails from the Sonic series

Oh Sonic, how the mighty have fallen. What kids today know as a character who pals around with Mario in countless terrible cash in mini-games, in between terrible forays in his own games (I mean seriously a were-hog? That doesn’t make since at all were means man so basically he was a man hog in that game……yea it’s that dumb), used to be the epitome of nineties cool. And right there by his side was the lovable Tails. Tails was a trusty side kick who had the very helpful ability of being able to fly. It didn’t get much cooler than kicking Robotnik’s rear end back then, and for a while Sega truly stole Nintendo’s thunder and looked like it might surpass them altogether. And then 3D gaming started and Sonic couldn’t adjust, quickly falling into a terrible rut (not including the eighty-million other characters added to the series) and today is a pale imitation of its former self. But every once in a while it’s nice to remember when Sonic ruled, and Tails was right there beside him.

2) Clank from Ratchet and Clank

The relationship between Clank started off as a pretty standard video game companionship. Ratchet did most of the work, while Clank for the most part sat on his back and helped out in any way he could. This is much like Banjo-Kazooie or Jak and Daxter. However once the “future” games started their relationship took a more interesting turn. Now that they are separated you get to see them fight to get back together. The relationship between them is strengthened in our eyes, and we get to see their individual talents.

1)Luigi from, well if you don’t know Luigi that’s just sad

Luigi, Luigi, Luigi. Always the bridesmaid, very rarely the bride. No one in all of gaming is better none for tagging along behind a more successful person. For years now Luigi has hung on to Mario’s coat tails (overall tails?) through countless full fledged games and seemingly endless mini-games. I personally have always had a soft spot for Luigi, especially in Super Smash Brothers Brawl(I mean come on he is awesome). And really I guess his gig isn’t so bad. He doesn’t seem the jealous type and he even has his own princess by now. Even though he is depicted as a scaredy cat at times he seems to be a very trust worthy companion for Mario and is always there to join in the fun. And what more could you ask for in a sidekick.