Artist of the Week: Krishna Sadasivam

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Artist of the Week is back with this weeks featured artist Kirshna Sadasivam. Krishna was recently a guest on the PixelatedPodcast and has been doing his webcomic PC Weenies back before the term webcomic even existed. Our own mascot from PixelatedGeek Pleek was a guest star in PC Weenies click here for the Comic. Be sure to check out Kirshna’s Portfolio Site and Deviant Art.

Artist of the Week: Krishna Sadasivam

Portfolio Site
Deviant Art


Tell us a bit about yourself

I work as a professor at the Art Institute of Tampa – I also work as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. I recently self-published my first book, “PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus”, featuring characters from my long running webcomic, “The PC Weenies”. When I’m not teaching, I spend the balance of my time between freelance work and my family.

What’s been your inspiration for art?

My inspiration comes from television, cartoons, and comic books. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to push my work. Looking at what other artists are doing with the medium inspires me to push myself to the next level.

What supplies do you use for your art?

I work digitally these days. I use an Intuos4 tablet to create my art. I digitally ink using Corel Painter X, and I do everything else in Photoshop. However, I still maintain sketchbooks because nothing beats drawing with paper and pencil.

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Any advice for beginners?

Draw. Draw. Draw. I know many new artists hear that a lot – but the cliché is true. The more you draw and the more you observe, the better you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Style is something you’ll develop without realizing it, don’t worry about it at the onset.

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