iPhone App Review: myPSN

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iPhone App Review: myPSN

Have you ever wanted to access your PSN friends list on the go? See who’s online and see who’s got the most trophies whilst arguing in the pub? Well now you can with myPSN.

SofaRacing‘s myPSN app for the iPhone and iPod touch does a seemingly simple thing very well, letting you log into the PSN portable ID interface in an easy to use and intuitive app. Firing up myPSN allows you to see who’s online from your friends list at any given moment, view your statistics including how many trophies you’ve won and see your current PSN level, whilst charting your trophy progression for each trophy enabled game you’ve played. myPSN also allows you to see you friends stats with comparison to your current level and number of trophies, finally enabling you to settle that raging argument about who’s the best right from the comfort of your local pub.

With in the limits of what Sony allows access to from outside of the PSN, myPSN delivers. It’s got a simple intuitive interface that remembers your credentials and syncs up when you load the app. The problem comes when you fire up the app and wish you could message your friends on the go; trash talking from your iPhone would be awesome. Sony however, doesn’t allow that kind of access to the PSN on anything other than a Playstation, so you can’t really blame the app for that missing golden feature.

Over all is myPSN useful? Yes, if you’re a keen Playstation gamer and wield an iPhone, then it’s certainly an app you should have on your pocket pal. Admittedly it has limited usage cases, but it’s worth it for the argument-ending power comparing your trophies on the go has. myPSN is yours for less than a pint, a bargain at £1.19/$1.99 [link].