Steam for Mac is Available Now!

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Steam for Mac is Available Now!

Hey PC gamers! Can us Apple fan boys join in the fun? Steam says we can so, HAH!

Download the DMG file here.  Sorry, I can’t write more on this article. But who cares.  If you’re a Mac user, you have already clicked the link and started installing it like me.

Update: I’m getting an “Unauthorized” pop-up box.  Is anyone else getting this? I guess Steam still needs to lift that “Closed Beta” flag.

Update (x2): To get past this, go into your web browser and type “steam://run/52003

Update (x3): Errors GALORE! I guess their servers are getting more hammered than Snooky.

Update (x4): Mac games store is now online! YIPEE!! Sadly, TF2 isn’t.  If you have restarted your Steam client while you had TF2 in your library, it will magically disappear when you log back in. Sad times.