Top 5 Games to look for at E3

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Top 5 Games to look for at E3

E3 will soon be upon us and the interwebs will soon be flooded with information on every game, from a possible new Grand Theft Auto to Project Natal. Here is my top 5 games to look for at this years E3.
5)Infamous 2

Cool guys walk away, I mean, cause explosions

The first Infamous was one of my favorite titles of 2009. A beautiful looking open world with stellar graphics it got (deservedly) rave reviews. Even though lead character Cole McGrath talked like Clint Eastwood snarling, the game did not suffer for it. Throw in a crazy ending and you have all the ingredients for a stellar sequel.
4)Killzone 3

Glowing Eyes, one more reason to join the Helghast

Killzone 2 could have been absolutely terrible. The first game was merely decent and the hype surrounding the second title would have weighed heavy on anyones shoulders. Instead of crumbling under the collective weight of fanboys it rose to the occasion and delivered one of the most impressive shooters of the year. While some lamented that it did not innovate enough, the mechanics were as solid as they come and the graphics are some of the best to date. Jetpacks and 3d have already been confirmed for the third installment. Although the final battle still gives me nightmares (Radec!) I can not wait for the next installment.

3)Gears of War 3

Something is off about this picture

Gears of War burst on to the scene, proving that you really don’t need a neck to make it big. Ahead of the bromance explosion, Gears of War follows some “super rough tough grunty dudes” who love nothing more than taking down Locusts with their bare hands. Scratch that, with their chainsaws. In all seriousness the guys at Epic Games showed people how to make a 3rd person shooter for this generation. It’s a safe bet to say people will be excited about the third one.

2)New Zelda

We need more info!

No gaming franchise can compete with the pedigree of Zelda. Sure Mario may be more recognisable but with all the spinoff’s we get into some dangerous territory. Zelda, on the other hand, continues to generate mass excitement and critical adoration with each release. Zelda titles are never a letdown. Each new adventure is almost always universally praised. Last years E3 only yielded a DS title so Nintendo is going to have to pony up the goods this year.


Unless you have been cryogenically frozen for the last five years (or are just, you know, not into games) you have heard of Halo. Bungie showed the world how a shooter was done on a console and millions have been swept up into the world they created. Bungie also set the precedent for online play and hopes to reclaim the throne with Halo:Reach. Halo:Reach looks to shake things up in the hallowed world of Halo, adding crazy new powers, and jetpacks, to the mix.  Now that we have gotten a taste of the multiplayer millions of gamers will be glued to their screens, hoping for any new info on the single player.