Amazing Team Fortress 2 Cosplay

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Amazing Team Fortress 2 Cosplay

We’ve all seen horrible attempts at cosplay, whether it be in person or over the internet. But every now and then, we see a cosplay that just leaves us speechless. Enter Greg Peltz and Ryan Rasmussen, two Team Fortress 2 fans who felt most attempts at TF2 cosplay, good as some might be, ultimately fell short, something that inspired them to create their own Medic and Soldier costumes.

Its not a original idea, no, but we both wanted to do it right. Put in the right key words and you can find mountains of attempts at the costume, but most… come up short. We wanted to get the costumes as close as physically possible to the actual designs.
Most of the costume elements were made from scratch, we paid particular attention to the weapons and gear since we wanted them to be really accurate.

For having made these costumes from scratch, they really are amazing and look pretty damn close to the characters from the actual game. Good job guys. Geeks everywhere salute you for your dedication.

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