Bay Talks Transformers 3

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Bay Talks Transformers 3

With mostly negative reviews for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, one has to ask, how can Michael Bay and Transformers 3 avoid a similar fate? In an interview with USA Today, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and director Michael Bay talk about what went wrong with T:RotF and what’s in store for the next installment, including revealing who the next villain will be. Bay describes him as:

“kind of a (expletive) character.”

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The next villain in the new Transformers movie will be the Decepticons’ military operations commander, Shockwave. Shockwave has the ability of flight in both modes, his alternate mode being a 35-foot ray gun. His motto is “Clarity of thought before rashness of action.”

As for what went wrong with the 2nd movie, Bonaventura stated:

“We tried to do too many things in the second movie, which didn’t give enough time in any one of them. We were constantly jumping to the next piece of information, the next place.”

And what did Michal Bay have to say?

“I’ll take some of the criticism. It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers’ strike (of 2007-08).”

That’s very big of you, Mike. Some of the criticism? So who’s idea was it to make the twins annoying and “urban?”  And are we going to have to see them again?

“One thing we’re getting rid of is what I call the dorky comedy. They’re basically gone.”

Good Riddance

Thank goodness for that. They will not be missed.  As for the plot details, Bay had little to say since the movie is still shooting as we speak. He did say this:

“The movie is more of a mystery. It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened. “As a trilogy, it really ends. It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending.”

If this is indeed the last installment of Transformers, then let’s hope that the ending really is “killer.” The next Transformers movie is set to be released sometime next Summer.

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