[E3 2010] Day Two – Some Impressions

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[E3 2010] Day Two – Some Impressions

Ok, Round Two, FIGHT!

A decent amount of day two was simply wandering around and getting a better look at stuff from day 1. However, I got a good look at a few new things:

  • Bethesda: As noted in my Rage review, this game looks uncannily similar to Fallout 3, especially with Fallout: New Vegas right next to it. Between Rage, New Vegas, and Brink, the place was looking a bit typecast!
  • Squaresoft: Only got a quick look at the new Tomb Raider which was enough to realize it isn’t Tomb Raider. It’s a top-down Diablo clone! Not exactly the most innovative or intuitive step for the series, and Nelson was bored almost immediately. Cinematics for Front Mission look cool, though the VA seemed cheesy as always.
  • Southpeak Games: Two games on display: Two Worlds and Nail. Nail looks like a classic arcade-style racing game, no frills- simple controls, emphasis on maximum speed, and tricks only as ways to get even more speed. Two Worlds looked interesting; the presenters promised more backstory to the new RPG, co-op, and an interesting “village” mode where the player character works to support a village affiliated with them who in turn supplies them with specialized gear.
  • Nintendo: Enormous lines for all exhibits, stretching all the way around the booths- to test out the new Zelda title alone, Skyward Sword, would apparently have required a twenty minute wait. Other M looks promising, as it seems a reasonably faithful representation of classic 2D action rendered into 3D. Will try to find more detail today.
  • Konami Press Conference: My first press conference! Liveblogged elsewhere on the site. On the whole, the biggest highlight was a new Silent Hill title (apparently too cool for any additional name) that seems to star a prisoner escaping from his transport into an even more ruined Silent Hill. Biggest disappointment was probably the latest Metal Gear Solid title, a game which appears to have been wholly founded upon the concept of “Raiden has a really, really sharp sword!” Biggest “meh” was the news of another Saw title, because we totally needed another of those.

I’d like to go into more detail, so I’ll see if anything interesting crops up today. Check out more of Nelson’s pictures here.