[E3 2010] Riot Games – League of Legends

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[E3 2010] Riot Games – League of Legends

Riot Games wants all of you who have been playing their free2play game, League of Legends that the preseason is almost over, so put on your big boy (or girl) gaming pants and get all sorts of pumped for season one. The team at Riot Games looks to add many new and exciting modes to League of Legends and hopes to bring the best gaming experience they can to their players. New modes will be appearing in season one, with a tournament announced for the end of the season. Want to know more? Just love doing what you’re told? Then read on past the break!

Don't worry, this is how they show each other they care........about killing each other

Rett’s Thoughts

I am not the biggest pc gamer that ever existed, in fact I have a Mac so my gaming choices are rather slim, but this game sure does look fun.  Developers Riot Games are really looking to give their players what they want.  The thing that I enjoyed the most was their selection system for battles.  When you are picking your teams you are able to ban two other players from being picked at all.  This means that people will not be able to go into each fight with the same exact team, and forces players to use all their skill and adjust on the fly.  Really cool idea.

James’ Thoughts

So, don’t lie, you love World of Warcraft. We all do. Even those of us that have never played it or quit, we still love it. And you also love free. Free is great, right? So marry the art style of World of Warcraft and some sweet F2P RTSesque action, and add in some fanatically and beautifully dedicated developers, and you get League of Legends.  If you haven’t played it, two suggestions: 1) PLAY IT! and 2) When you do, please jump on that micro-transaction business, because these guys are the nice guys. The combat is tactical, quick, and satisfying, the art is amazing, and its . . . free. Really, there’s no reason NOT to play it.

Excited about the game? Not excited? Still wondering why there was a pigeon in the conference hall? Let us know in the comments!

Love and Fond Thoughts and Desperate Pleas for Cab Fare From Rett and James @ Pixelated Geek!

PS. We have video of the pigeon. No joke.