Old Spice, Perfect amount of Awesome?

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Old Spice, Perfect amount of Awesome?

Old Spice has had a bunch of Wacky commercials as of late, in fact I remember a lot of them being weird in the past couple of years. You remember that one with Bruce Campbell in it? That was the first I remember being really funny.

But will it go too far? I would hate for my favorite brand of stick deodorant to be viewed as a farce. This commercial is funny, and it takes the idea of manly things that are appealing to women to the extreme thus making the funny. Anything less would have made this flop. Old Spice is Manly. Men wear Old Spice. If the joke was anything else, I feel the response would be negative. We don’t want our deodorant made fun of. Axe? They make fun of themselves. Tag? Too easy.

I think they should slow down on the jokey commercials. I said it. Go to something a little bit more serious so it doesn’t loose it’s respectability.


Go watch the video past the break