Fallout New Vegas announces a star studded vocal cast

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Fallout New Vegas announces a star studded vocal cast

For those unfamiliar with the Fallout universe and the previous re-invigoration of the series for the modern gaming era, Fallout 3, the general idea is there’s been a nuclear war where pretty much most of Earth has been wiped out. Survivors locked themselves in underground self-sufficient ‘vaults’, only emerging once the dust had settled. It’s a third person, sandbox shooter-come-RPG, where you explore the wasteland expanse, taking missions, killing vermin, mutants and raiders and generally having a rawkus good time trying to survive.

New Vegas, as the name suggests is based around a slightly less annihilated Las Vegas in the Mojave wasteland, where any man with enough weaponry and guile can carve out an existence for himself. But enough guff, you get the picture, a post nuclear wasteland RPG-shooter. Fallout games have always had great stories and well realised characters, but Bethesda have outdone themselves this time with a truly fantastic vocal cast.

Highlights include: Matthew Perry of Friends fame; Ron Perlman from Hellboy returning from his outing in Fallout 3 as the narrator; Wayne Newton – ‘Mr. Las Vegas’; William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption); Zack Levi aka ChuckFelicia DayMichael Dorn aka Worf from Star Trek; Kris Kristofferson, best known as Whistler from Blade Trinity; Danny TrejoJohn Doman; and last but by no means least Rene Auberjonois better known as Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Paul Lewiston from Boston Legal.

Looking at the list you’ve got some pretty experienced voice artists as well as some decent actors. I for one, am looking forward to some quality character vocalizations, a repeat of the amazing music and DJ over the ‘wireless’, and expansive story New Vegas is likely to offer. I just hope it builds on the success of Fallout 3 and offers a little more variation, not falling back into sequel oblivion.