Halo: Reach Gets Leaked onto the Internet

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Halo: Reach Gets Leaked onto the Internet

First news hits the internet that Halo: Reach is available on Xbox Live for about $1250. The initial idea was to put the game on their Games on Demand service for reviewers to download and make it virtually unavailable for the general public without a redeem code. However, something new seems to have transpired. Someone was able to download the game and pirate it.

It seems Halo always has a release problem. Halo 2 was leaked onto the internet before it’s official release and Halo 3 and ODST were reported to have sold early. So far, the only way to play the pirated copy of Halo: Reach is to play it on a modified consoles, so most users won’t be able to download and play it just like that. At the moment, Microsoft has started a investigating this situation as well as urging YouTube to pull any videos containing images from the pirated software.

Halo: Reach doesn’t hit stores for another 3 weeks. I guess some people are just that desperate.

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