iPhone App Review – My Virtual Girlfriend

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iPhone App Review – My Virtual Girlfriend

Is it actually possible to simplify the mind of a girlfriend into an iPhone app?  The MyVirtualGirlfriend thinks it can do that…in a fun and comedic way.  I was very skeptical about this app until I actually used it.  After fiddling with it (no pun?), I had some questions regarding the purpose of the actual app and its creator.  Instead of looking for answers on the Internet, I decided to go straight to the source and ask the producer of the game, Angelina Amerson, via web cam.  Go past the break for my full review, web cam interview with Angelina and video demo.

Setting up your new virtual relationship

Rating and describing yourself.

You start by typing in your name then rating yourself, 1 to 5, on the following categories: bad boy, humorous, healthy, sensitive, attentive, intelligent, masculine, wealthy, caring, and charisma.  You then provide your hair color, body type, and appearance.

What kind of virtual girlfriend are you looking for?

After describing yourself, you then rate a virtual girlfriend that you are looking for based on the following categories on a scale of 1 to 5: naughty, funny, healthy, affectionate, responsible, smart, caring, affluent, feminine, and sexy. Thereafter you are asked to describe your ideal girlfriend physically. You know, hair, skin color, and body type. Unfortunately, they didn’t ask if I wanted a girl with big boobs…

After you have truthfully (or completely lied) about yourself and the type of girl you are looking for, you are shown three women to choose from, kind of like The Dating Game.

Meeting your virtual girlfriend and making her happy

The first thing I noticed about my virtual girlfriend was that she looks very similar to characters from The Sims.  They even spoke just like them in some sort of gibberish language.

In the app, you have up to 20 levels of relationship to complete.  To complete a level, you must make your virtual girlfriend happy and fill your heart meter up by completing an action with her (like buying her roses, holding her hands, giving her a kiss, etc.), speaking to her, touching her (I’m not joking.), doing an activity with her (like going out to the movies or a picnic), and by just responding to her questions (Note: which are usually about herself. Go figure.) Each time you make her happy, your heart meter goes up.

Each level brings new things you could do with her.  Example, instead of a simple kiss, you can make out. Instead of buying her shoes, you can buy her lingerie.

Once you hit max level (20), you have the option to stay with your virtual girlfriend or leave her for another one and start from Level One.  That’s the whole game in a nutshell. Also, if you’re wondering if you can get in bed with your virtual girlfriend or make her strip for you, you can’t.  Apple wouldn’t allow that to happen of course.

Before finalizing my thoughts on the app, I decided to find out who created this app and why they did.  After you watch the video interview below, you too will understand why my overall thoughts.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

Overall thoughts

The app is supposed to be for fun, entertainment and educational purposes (Really?).  My overall feeling about this app is that it is fun for about 5 minutes or less. You quickly learn that you must be subservient to your girlfriend by agreeing with everything she says, and doing everything she likes to do.  Even when you buy her things and use your virtual money, you find yourself broke…and the only way for you to gain money is by going to work. Which consequently, makes her sad and lonely merely for the simple fact that you left her by herself all day while you tried to make money so you can spend it on her…Doesn’t the chick have a job of her own? I’m just asking.  If you laugh at her, don’t agree with her or even do an activity with her that she doesn’t like to do, you lose some of your heart meter.  At times you can even go down a whole level.

One thing that didn’t sit right with me was that every virtual girlfriend I had, none liked to play video games. If you watch the web cam recorded interview above, I asked the producer about this problem.  Her response lead me to believe that she thinks all girls in the world do not like video games.

If you’re truly looking for a fun and educational app that helps you understand women, I suggest not looking or buying an app.  Go outside and learn about women in the real world.  Just like in video games, the only way to learn is to fail a couple of times and learning from those fails.

My Virtual Girlfriend app is available now on the iTunes store.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.