[BAotW] A Few Mini-BAs to Tide You Over

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[BAotW] A Few Mini-BAs to Tide You Over

Hello there children, do you know what day it is?  Why, it’s “Shauna-Gets-To-Be-A-Slacker” Day! So instead of the regular one-badass-per-article standard that I’ve had each week, I’ve decided to do a couple mini-BAotWs just for today. “Why are you so lazy Shauna?” you might ask.  It’s because tomorrow James and I are driving down to Atlanta to meet Bob (aka Dr. DM) to get full media coverage of Dragon*con for all you readers.  We’ll have a TON of new and hopefully breaking news stories and interviews for you while we’re down there, and even more once we get back.  So I have a somewhat legitimate excuse to slack off. HA. Look past the break for a few badasses of the video game world, the film world, and the interweb world.

Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII — In a lot of video games, if a female character isn’t the main protagonist, she’s generally a little helpless. (Can I please mention Ashley from Resident Evil 4 here? I can? Okay, thanks.)  Tifa not only destroys the stereotype of “generic girly female character”, but she can actually hold her own in a fight.  Pretty freaking awesome.

Ash Williams from The Evil Dead Trilogy — I am going to do a full article on Ash soon, because I am completely in love with the Evil Dead series.  (FYI to all you fancy kids with blu-ray players…or PS3s…The Evil Dead just came out on blu-ray on the 31st of August. Definitely worth your money!)  For now, however, I’ll keep it short.  This man kills deadites.  He defends himself and others again the undead.  He cuts off his own possessed hand and replaces it with a chainsaw. A chainsaw. That’s badassery in its purest form. And to top it all off, he’s played by Bruce Campbell.  I don’t think you can beat that.

BestWorstAdvice from Twitter — I know, I know.  This isn’t even a person, technically speaking.  And they haven’t done anything badass that I am aware of.  But I’m following them and their tweets (is that what they’re called?) constantly make me laugh out loud.  And that, depending on the definition, makes them badass to me.  Here’s a recent advice tweet: “Having trouble finding what to wear? Join a nudist colony.”  (Follow them at BestWorstAdvice!)

Yes, yes, I’m a slacker. But I promise you a full blown BAotW article next Thursday along with a metric shitton of Dragon*con articles coming this weekend and early next week. So be patient! ‘Til next time, chillren.

Oh, and before I forget to put it up, here’s a special treat to all you readers. I was Google Image searching Tifa pictures and came across this:

Oh, you’re welcome.

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