Tonight, Reach Falls.

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Tonight, Reach Falls.

If you’re a gamer, you know Halo. Whether you love it or hate it, Halo is an undeniable phenomenon, with a massive fan base and fingers in a tremendous number of consumer pies, from gaming to literature to comic books to t-shirts to . . . well, I draw a blank at what industries the franchise doesn’t touch.

Well, no Halo Cookbook. 343, get on that.

Culinary concerns aside, Halo is a monster, and one that I have loved from the beginning. An epic space opera with phenomenal voice-acting, a sweeping storyline, menacing villains on a religious crusade to essentially end all life in the galaxy, and space-zombies. Its a nerd’s dream, and one realized by a development team who has unparalleled production values. Some studios develop games; Bungie defines gaming.

They are responsible for more advances in console gaming than any other developer, and they’ve developed the First-Person-Shooter franchise to beat in every console generation. Some people prefer Call of Duty or one of the myriad other FPS franchises, and while there are arguments in that direction, no one touches the polished package that is Bungie’s Halo. If your studio did something in a FPS, Bungie did it first, and most likely better.

That said, I come not to praise Halo, but to bury it. HALO:REACH is the last of the titles in the franchise that will be developed by Bungie, and so in a way is the very last of the Halo titles. Bungie has signed a deal with Activision, and is said already to be working on their next title, and 343 industries has taken the mantle of the super-franchise. So will we see another Halo? Undoubtedly. Will it be the same? Most likely not. So let’s hope this one counts.

HALO:REACH falls tonight, the 13th of September, 2010. And we here at Pixelated Geek will be covering the launch from multiple locations, and will be un-boxing various and sundry versions of said title, and then marathoning the title from beginning to end. No matter how long it takes. Yep, we’re staying up all night playing videogames because we’re devoted to you, reader-land. That’s how much we love you.

Go past the break for our live coverage.