I Bet This iPhone 4 Case is More RAD Than Yours

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I Bet This iPhone 4 Case is More RAD Than Yours

Remember when the world revolved around the magical magnetic strip?  The world’s data depended heavily on it. It was the life blood of all geekery.  But now, our life blood is filled with microchips, Flash memory and the “cloud.”  So, what happened to all of the music cassette tapes?

Apparently, some have been converted into some very, very rad iPhone 4 cases.  Go past the break to see some photos.

“The Cassette iPhone4G Cover is for everyone who has ever had a tape deck. The lightweight design and retro styling will bring back those memories of listening to 80’s music in your Doc Martens. The silicone design is engineered to protect your iPhone from impact without any extra bulk. It compliments the elegant design of the iPhone4G with this unique and creative look. This cover features easy slip-on construction for a secure fit while providing great scratch protection. Buttons are easily accessible. Supplies limited.”

Get your very rad cassette tape cover from iCovers4U.