Top 5 Love ’em or Hate ’em characters

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Top 5 Love ’em or Hate ’em characters

I have been seeing lots of videos for Bulletstorm and I have been hearing a lot of very different opinions about it.  Some people can’t think of anything greater than a game that gives you points for how creatively you can shoot a man in his kibbles and bits.  However, some people can’t get past the ridiculous machismo that the protagonist spews at an astounding rate.

With people already drawing lines in the sand on whether they love or hate the main character, I decided on this weeks Top 5 Love ’em or Hate ’em Characters.


I'm dancing, I'm daaancing!

The dancing robot who just can’t shut up helped us throughout our journey in Gearbox’s over the top shooter Borderlands.  Debuting in some pretty funny shorts, “Uprights!”, he helped jump start the hype that grew around Borderlands.  Once the game began Claptrap decided his favorite place to be was “all up in your face”.

If your tolerance for hearing “I’m dancing, I’m dancing” and still thinking it is hilarious is high, then you still love Claptrap.  Many gamers, however, could not stomach him.


Is that a sword?

The antonym to Mario, Wario just might be the gassiest character on this list.  Wario is not for everyone.  Wario is a bunch of stereotypically crass things, watered down so that it doesn’t offend the kids, and then with some farts added on because gas is the height of comedy.

On the other hand, Wario games tend to be more adventurous than Mario games and have yielded some very good results.  Wario Ware certainly surprised a lot of people with all that it had to offer.  Plus, he is a way better character than Waluigi.

3)Duke Nukem

Feelings? Duke needs no feelings. He has muscles.

Duke Nukem is almost an experiment to see how macho one man can be. Name a stereotype of the Stallone era action star and Duke will fit the bill perfectly.

Ruff and tough and ready to rumble, Duke is a man who is not afraid to punch below the belt. I have a feeling that Duke’s three first thoughts to fixing a problem involve physical harm.  He lives his life turned up to eleven.

Needless to say, he isn’t for everyone.  Some people want more out of a hero than brawn.  Sometimes they want their hero to go through an emotional journey.  Duke is only sad when he is out of things to hit.


Take that, helpless child!

Kratos started out as a guy with some anger problems.  He had been tricked by the gods and he had some issues he needed to take care of.  Sure he blazed a path to the gods that was painted with blood, but he had some pretty good reasons.

By the time God of War 3 rolled around many people were struggling to remember why they liked the guy in the first place. You kill everyone in God of War 3. They get in your way, you kill them. They help you out, you kill them.  They are helpless, nude, and scared; you still kill them. It’s tough being Kratos, and tough being around him.

1)TingleThis may be from a sex-offender poster.

I thought everyone hated Tingle. He is a 35 year old man who likes to dress like a fairy and make up his own magic words. I didn’t think anyone could find that endearing.  His own father doesn’t like him.

Believe it or not though, people do like Tingle.  In fact, my own roommate likes Tingle. Needless to say I am looking in to replacing him as a roommate and friend. Still, I guess it goes to show there is always someone out there who will appreciate you for who you are. Even if, who you are is a 35 year old man dressed like a fairy.

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