Twitter’s Response to Subpoena was Bold

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Twitter’s Response to Subpoena was Bold

Last Friday, Twitter was given a subpoena from a judge in Virginia to release information regarding certain WikiLeaks personnel who use the mini-blogging platform.  The judge also handed Twitter a gag order, stating they could not tell users that such a request was given.

Instead of quitely providing the information, Twitter successfully challenged the gag order and informed those targeted of the judge’s request.  Twitter stood up for its users when the users weren’t able to stand up for themselves, something that is still very rarely done in these circumstances.  This is not only a bold move on the part of a website and company, but some are hoping that other websites will follow this precedent in the future as well.

What do you think, readers?  Should websites and online companies challenge gag orders that prevent them from announcing to users that their personal information might be released for lawsuits and federal cases?

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