Pokemon Beer Pong Table

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Pokemon Beer Pong Table

The newest Pokémon games are right around the corner, and in celebration, let’s have a drink.  While we’re at it, we might as well play some beer pong, and what better table to use than Tom Sejkora’s Pokémon beer pong table.  You read that right, there is a Pokémon beer pong table out there, covered in hundreds of Pokémon cards. Keep reading to take a look!


Pretty impressive, no?  I contacted Tom and asked him what his inspiration was for the table and how he made it.  Here was his response:

My inspiration? Beer and pokemon obviously. My friends had a table covered in bottlecaps that made out the Irish flag. I thought it was cool, and wanted to try my own design. Originally I collected bottlecaps, but soon realized how much time it would take to collect them all, as well as the cost of coating them and the difficulty of doing so properly. Plus the bottlecap table has been done to death. I was considering fortunes from chinese takeout, and all other sorts of other things, until I realized I had a gajillion pokemon cards that I hadn’t used in years (even though I did play with my friends during class in high school).

In case anyone wants to make something similar, the construction of this is fairly easy.

I started it at the beginning of winter break last year with a few friends, and it only took a few weeks to finish. Found the table on craigslist for $10. The construction is fairly simple, we laid out the cards in a basic design, then glued them down and sprayed them with a few coats of polyurethane for some light water resistance. After a couple days of drying, we cut an acrylic sheet I bought into the proper sizes (since the table folds). We glued them down with epoxy and I used silicone to seal the sides a bit better. I covered it with black trim (electrical tape) to make it look a bit better, as well as further waterproof it. I want to replace the tape/trim with much sturdier gorilla tape, as it’s coming loose on some edges, but I’ve been lazy and its still waterproofed very well.

On a side note, I don’t even like playing beer pong, and I’m absolutely atrocious at it. But its fun to have at parties, the table is a great conversation piece, and I had a blast making it.

He also mentioned that there is a hidden secret somewhere on the table.  Can you see it?  For more pictures, there is a gallery below.